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Dugena, founded in 1917, was a network of many brands. BWC, Fortis and Alpina were all part of the consortium. Alpina is part of the name of the consortium, Deutsche Uhrmacher Genossenschaft Alpina or DUGENA.

After 4 years of modifying the ETA base movements, Stefan has moved into a brand new workshop and begun working on the next logical step for his brand. His blank rolex watch face first, in-house designed movement, based on his most complicated watch design, the Terra Luna. The new Terra Luna picks up where the 3D Terra in Motion left off. He adding a second 3D sphere, the moon, which fake watches will act as a Moonphase indicator. Having followed Stefan’s work on Instagram for a few years now, he posted updates into the movement design, which has since moved to physical prototyping. At this point, I’m not sure how much of the movement he will make in-house, as comments on social media suggest that at least some of the gears will be made by a third party.

Gerard Nijenbrinks : What were the first changes you made to Bulgari when you joined in 2013?

Omega logo-name, “SolarImpulse”, “HB-SIA” and the plane patch

What do you think of these new Seiko Presage Style60’s GMT watches, and which version is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Gray, gray, or white?

We were in Geneva a few months later for the Watches and Wonders show 2022. Oris, too, was there in a big ""piazza"", with its new collections. We were Tag Heuer replica watches able to meet Ulrich Herzog, Chairman of Oris, through our Oris contacts to discuss the idea of a re-edition for the Oris Star. Herzog, who is a legend in his own right, came to Oris when the ""quartz crises"" was raging in 1978. He acquired Oris in 1982 through a buyout of the management. Today, it is regarded as his brainchild. Ulrich Herzog leads the Oris watch firm in H?lstein along with Rolf Studer, Claudine Gertiser and Claudine Herzog.

WSTA0067 (stainless steel, large size): €5,900

Speedmaster 38 Co-Axial

The watch is still the same after ten years on the market. How has the watch aged? It has aged very well, I'd say. Maybe you'd get some additional features if the product was released today. In the current market, things like quick-release and toolless microadjust are highly appreciated. Sinn does not put this on any of their watches.

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